“The songs and tunes here have lovely, dynamic arrangements. This is poised and sophisticated stuff. Evoking Lester Simpson’s writing – very much not a criticism – this has kept me coming back. Impressive.” – Paul Cowdell, Folk London

Our new EP, Time and Again, contains six tracks recorded a while ago but still in our repertoire. Digital download and streaming only. Get it on:


This album from several years ago features sets we have played at Cambridge and East Anglian folk clubs over the years. The album features two lineups of Camus, with Greg, Andrew and David as the core band. In the first lineup we are joined by Brian Cleary and Debbie Patterson-Jones; in the second by Mike Nelson. The first half of the album was recorded at the historic Cambridge studio Spaceward, by then in their second home at the old schoolhouse in Stretham. Here’s a picture of the Stretham studio from their archive.

The second half was recorded at Gareth Stuart’s studio, Zigzag.

Below is a track from the album, sung by Andrew: Charlotte Dymond, set to Andrew’s own tune from the poem by Cornish poet Charles Causley.

Charlotte Dymond


This album, under the name of our former alter ego, the Great Eastern Ceilidh Company, features our eclectic mix of folk music, with tunes and songs from Ireland, Scotland, England, America and Galicia. In this lineup, Greg, David and Andrew are joined by Hazel Smith (hammered dulcimer) and Mike Nelson (mandolin, guitar). There are also two songs by our sadly-missed late bandmate Dill Davies. These are sets we typically played for listening at ceilidhs, in between dances, though there are also some dance tunes. Two sets contain tunes we wrote: the title track, Cold Fen, is an evocative slow air by Greg; and the Three-Day Week and Alan Burn’s Memorial Jig are 48-bar jigs by Andrew which we play for The Bridge of Athlone. Below you can hear the title track: Cold Fen, a tune by Greg.


We still have a limited number of this rare 1979 vinyl album by Cambridge band Cobblers Last on the Banshee label, which features Andrew, Greg and David, along with John Pethica and Pam Cooper. It was recorded at the historic Cambridge studio Spaceward, and engineered by their sound engineer Mike Kemp. Here’s a picture of Mike in the Victoria Street studio, from the Spaceward archive.

And here’s a track we called The Two Johnnies, combining Johnny has Gone for a Soldier, sung by Pam, and Johnny I hardly Knew You, sung by Andrew.

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